About us

Plants R Us Decor, "The Best Of The Artificial World," was started by music industry professionals who spent most of their years in windowless recording studios, indiscernible hotel rooms, and cramped tour buses where nothing green grows. But during their rockstar journey, they also traveled the world.
Amazed and enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of the flower market in Bangkok, the bamboo forests of Japan, the cacti of the Saguaro National Park, and the colorful foliage of The Islands. They saw a world they wanted to bring home. With the unending travel, though, they knew full well they could barely get a chia pet to grow, let alone creating a tropical paradise that would be alive when the tour ended. They purchased many competitors' plastic plants but saw nothing that could even capture 5% of the true beauty they had witnessed on their travels. So they decided that's what they needed to do, to go back on their journeys, this is where Plants R Us began. This time when they traveled, instead of playing music, they went from manufacturer to manufacturer, from designer to designer—hunting down the most beautiful and realistic artificial plants in the world. Every product handpicked, every leaf and bloom are meticulously gone over to bring you artificial plants worthy of calling any rockstar's abode their home. Each plant is indistinguishable in look from a master gardener's touch and is sure to impress for a long, long time. We are, where quality and art meet to match any green thumb.